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    I'd Like To Thank The Academy...


    Over at the COMPET-N page you can check out the results of the recent Golden Cyber awards (not to be confused with the Golden Cyb...), which, for those not in 'the know' are the awards the crazy COMPET-N guys give our to all their crazy demo recorders for all their crazy demos. Er, also this is like a week old, but I kept forgetting to post it despite numerous people telling me to do so. Whoopsie. Anyways, you can check out the winners as well as a log of the award ceremony.

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    Oh, I dunno, the latest update included a lot of demos some idiot had sent in where he kept dying, or failed to kill anything, etc. ;)

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    ravage said:

    So what would you do for a Golden Cyb?

    Just play doom for c-n, beat a few records, and make some nice NEW tricks...
    sound easy? :P

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    Searcher said:

    We need a post about the new update to the DSDA page.

    Yeah, or a mention about the latest update at The DooMer's RecesS, conveniently located right http://home13.inet.tele.dk/CNH here for your viewing pleasure! There's no need for applause, I'm blushing here...

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