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    id Software 20 Year Anniversary Video


    Gamespot posted a 30 minute anniversary video interviewing some of the key people of id about their 20 years in the gaming industry. A few questions are answered; for example, why id is no longer in the engine licensing business. You can check out the full video over at Gamespot's website.

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    Heh, the Doom multiplayer footage (around 13 minutes in) uses Skulltag (in OpenGL mode, even).

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    I thought it was awesome they included that shot, also because I just played on that map recently.

    That was a pretty cool video, and it convinced me a little bit that id aren't total sell-outs :P

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    Cool, I learned a little bit I wasn't sure about before, like their attitude with engine licensing and that Carmack was getting sidetracked a bit... glad he feels he can focus more now on making new stuff. I am excited about an engine using voxels/whatever... especially if it's destructible. The VR stuff he's looking at now is kinda neat too, but I'm a bit skepticle that'll be a big deal next generation... but he probably will know better then most what the next big thing will be...

    I just hope Rage is good... please be good...

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    Youn said:

    I just hope Rage is good... please be good...

    Based on what we've seen thus far, I don't think we have to worry about Rage being anything but a good game, at the very least. It will probably not be absolutely, mind-blowingly awesome and innovative in every aspect, but will it be downright bad? Highly unlikely.

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    DeathevokatioN said:

    John Carmack sounds like one those scientists from Half Life.

    That explains the lack of engine licensing. They refused to go another step!

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