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    iD Super Pack half price on Steam


    The id Super Pack, containing (nearly) every id game released to date, is currently half price on Steam. This includes Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, Master levels for Doom 2, Final Doom, Doom 3 and Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil. It also includes Heretic and Hexen, plus their respective expansion packs; a plethora of pre-Wolfenstein iD games, as well as the Wolfenstein and Quake series and mission packs; and finally Hexen 2, but strangely not Heretic 2, nor the Hexen 2 expansion.

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    Jon said:
    (...)It also includes Heretic and Hexen, plus their respective expansion packs(...)

    Which Heretic expansion pack???
    The upgrade to "Shadow Of The Serpent Rider" is freely available, are they goint to sell it now?

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    From what I understand, Heretic 2 was never considered an ID game for some reason, it's not even on the ID website. As far as the Hexen 2 expansion, licensing issues I bet. :)

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    Indeed, the Wikipedia article (hardly the best evidence, but still) for Heretic 2 states that ID had nothing at all to do with the game besides licensing the engine. Let's not forget, this is an ID pack, not a Raven pack.

    Technically, Shadow of the Serpent Riders could be considered an expansion, though today it would be considered DLC.

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    Shadow of the Serpent Rider is like Ultimate Doom, a cheaply-made level add-on to make it look like the retail version is greater than the registered version, but there's a free patch for those who have the later anyway.

    Although Portals of Praevus did not have much to do with id Software, neither did the two Spear of Destiny add-ons from FormGen (Return to Danger and Ultimate Challenge, aka "The Lost Episodes"), but those are included. Also, id compiled fan-content to make an add-on for Quake II called the "Netpack" (similar in a way to the Master Levels for Doom II), this too is not included.

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    Since Steam's got a Mac port now, they flag games with the OS logo(s) they run on. Though all of id's games run fine on Mac (or Linux), Steam only distributes binaries for Windows, although you can use the data files on Mac/Linux just as you would with the retail Windows CDs anyway.

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