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    idders Interview Part 1


    All right Gamespy, we surrender already. Today they've posted yet another interview, this time with id Software members Jan Paul van Waveren and Robert Duffy. Here's a little bit:

    For instance, when the imp spawns in the room (the last map that was shown), the tables fly in the air, different particles are going on there, You've got an explosion which causes the tables to fly in the air; the table hits a lamp or a light that's hanging from the ceiling and starts swinging. And then there are shadows on everything; even on the physics objects that are moving; we've got a light attached to that swinging lamp, so we've got shadows moving around everywhere. So we can set up everything.

    Apparently yet another is coming tomorrow, good lord.

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    Are you refering to the ShakyCam footage mentioned on BluesNews?

    I want the original. Soon.


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    Hmm, my mother has not seen it yet, but I consider showing it to my father :P

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    I just watched the one from Blue's News, too bad whoever was shooting it had a lame arm and couldn't hold the camera up. The bleached out colors kinda sucked too. Who knows, maybe someone will swipe the monitor rig from the display and record better one from the comfort of home, *hint* *hint* Linguica.

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    Zaldron said:

    And what was her reaction?

    No I was just kidding there. I intend to show my mom though.

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    dsm said:

    I hope id wont show anything again until E3 next year.

    I agree. We've had enough already. Time to speculate :P

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