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    IDL Masterbowl XIII Is Coming


    The International Doom League closes its 13th season with the final match this Sunday at 5:30 PM EST (22:30 CET). The game will be broadcast by RottKing & co. at Twitch.

    This season's finale will see one of the hottest favourites, the Super Chargers (Ralphis, turSKA, Nautilus, dr.sean) face the shocking playoff surprise, the Berserker Packers (Watermelon, Fluffles, Dragon, Decay). Will Ralph ride into the sunset with yet another MB ring, or will the plucky young upstarts sing about times a-changin'? After a string of shocking results, all the predictions are blowin' in the wind.

    The stream will start rolling at 5:15 PM EST, so be there to watch the most anticipated CTF game of this winter live!

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    Oh yes, the long awaited finals have arrived. Keeping my fingers crossed for the "plucky young upstarts" this season, time to show the old blood what can be done.

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    suc 2-0
    I've never seen a game on this map, should be fun to see how it'll go down I am excited

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    It's over, the new champions of the XIII Masterbowl are the Super Chargers: Ralphis (c), turSKA, Nautilus and dr. sean.

    They beat BSK 2-1 with following scores:
    round 1: 4-3
    round 2: 1-5
    round 3: 2-1

    GGs and congratulations, SUC!

    You can find the stream recording here: http://www.twitch.tv/rottking/b/381904705
    The game starts roughly 15 minutes into the video after some exposition from the commentators (RottKing, HumanBones, RustKing and me).

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    That was an awesome watch, no doubt about it. It's only the second IDL masterbowl I've seen before, but I found it pretty easy to follow and understand what was going on for the most part thanks to the casters' commentary.

    BSK's Dragon being the occasional butt-end of jokes for getting so few frags during the 1st round was made pretty hilarious when his allout play in the 2nd stole a game from SUC; basically from under their noses. Ralphis's failure to cap the flag during the 3rd due to paranoia, on the other hand, didn't come over nearly as funny. Heh.

    I'm looking forward to the next season, for sure...! Super thanks to Rott and co. for bringing us this gift!

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    This was highly entertaining to watch and the commentary was very funny. It's interesting that the runners-up had more flag captures than the winners.

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