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    If Doom 3 Fell In The Woods...


    Would it make a sound... if nobody was there? Something to ponder. Or not. Instead ponder this interview on mp3.com with Chris Vrenna. It talks about his audio contributions to Doom 3 (he wrote the title music and contributed some other audio to the game) as well as other Chris Vrenna related, but non-Doom 3 related things.

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    What the hell is your problem? The taggings might not matter to you but some people don't want to see Doom III news on their main page, hence the reason the option exists in the first place. And if you're angry at me for posting in such a thread I don't want to see in the first place, maybe you guys should tag stuff right to begin with.

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    I don't mind the thread's actual existence, I just don't care to see it blared on my front page for a couple weeks.

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    The reason this is tagged as general is because the content isn't totally Doom 3 specific. Same with the Doomarena.com Launches, Carmack's Thoughts, and Beta Cats postings. Why aren't you complaining about those?

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    I thought about it, but doomarena.com does contain some classic doom information, I've been told earlier id news is always considered "general", and beta cats I really considered whining about but could still possibly serve as relevant knowledge to others, and possibly in some vague way to Doom since some source ports do require video accelerators. This news article is talking about a musician who was never previously involved with id talking about his contributions to Doom III, which I find pretty Doom III specific myself.

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