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    Iikka Interview


    Iikka Keränen, former Doom level god and currently employed at Looking Glass, has been interviewed at A Focus On Levels. For those of you who wish to learn about important aspects of level design this is a must-read. An excerpt:

    The only thing that inhibits design is that many people get lost in all the visual-technical goop and forget to actually design what they do. Building aesthetically pleasing shapes and proportions is not dependent on what engine you're working on, nor is good gameplay as long as the game itself is good.

    Read! Learn! Multiply! Also thanks to Ola Björling for the link.

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    Guest Neonwolf1


    you don't have to good to make levels and you don't needs to draw the level you going to make then make it. I can make a level rightoff the top of my head with out drawing .Levels can be hat you want . people say what not to make a level like and how it should be. every one that said that is wrong. me I made tons of Tcs but din't have a page to put them. i made levels my way or yall might said it's mess up. why rank maps when it's the Tc's you rank. beside people put hard work making maps and have to read some saying the maps look bad. They a site like that . These another thing how come every time i send a email asking to do something and it never happen are i get email back letting me know something Listen doomworld staff i send yall a email telling yall i made a Tc called Gi thunder strike letting yall know i fisinh some part of it and have as a demo on my page until i get it done. here my page www.geocities.com/timessquare/corridor/7292/GI/GI.hmtl let me know what you thing and i know one of yall never let me know to make three guns shoot at once and i send one of yall a deh file of what i did. it was either jamesbond.deh or johnwoo.deh .

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