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    I'll See You In Court, Activision!


    Not really Doom news, though Activision will be the publishers of Doom 3, so it's worth a mention at least. Check out this press release for info on a class action lawsuit against Activision claiming that the high-ups in the company lied about the company profits in order to sell their stock at a higher value than it was really worth. Activision also has posted a response on their web site denying these allegations. This of course has the chance of delaying Doom 3, but how good that chance is remains to be seen of course.

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    First post three topics in a row. I think I've been online far too much lately.

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    I just meant that demons were INCLUDED into this plotline, which existed before the demons, which have now entered this plotline, which has never been seen before and is basically all in my head.....which isn't really a plotline at all. I just said that to be witty.

    Wow, I suck at life. I am sorry.

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    This has no chance of delaying Doom 3, but then again we'll never know because it's going to be released when it's going to be released.

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    and its going to be released witthout the best feature it could have... COOP

    /me cries out loud

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