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    I'm a Soldat! I'm an Engineah!


    Yeah I know wrong game, but I don't see you coming up with any better headlines! At any rate, after a three year hiatus (that's a lot of hiatus) the WolfenDoom page has been updated with news of an upcoming rerelease of Operation: Arctic Wolf (!!!). The new release will include some new maps, enemies and special effects, all that plus that Wolf3D brand of, uh, stuff, that you've come to know and love.

    Update by Bloodshedder: The release of Operation: Arctic Wolf Special Edition comes sooner than we expected. Check it out.

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    Like, whoa.

    That would be like the HR2 page updating. Weird, but cool!

    EDIT: And a release in a couple days? Hot damn! (or cold, being the arctic... yeah)

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    Wow. I lost all hope for ol' Laz when he talked about postponing Operation Rheingold...but he's BACK?! You're right, Vile...that's just like if the HR2 page updated.

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    WOO! I love this little wolfendoom, it's pretty damn fun as far as I'm concerned. I was more than a little dissapointed when he didn't update for nigh on three years, but a release in a couple of days makes the wait worth it.

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    Does he say "No, I'm not dead"? I love it when kooky web people update and say "No, I'm not dead". hahahaa

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    Great update!

    The new levels are excellent (as the rest of this WAD) and the improvements are much appreciated. Best of all, most of the horrible 'translated word by word from English'-German signs have been corrected. Finally I can play it without bursting into a laugh every now and then...

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