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    I'm Sorry Dave, I Can't Allow You To Do That


    Over at the 2002 A Doom Odyssey page you can grab a new version of the in progress megawad which includes a bunch of bug fixes to various maps in spots you could get stuck as well as a nifty new MAPINFO lump for all you crazy ZDoom users that will allow you to see the correct sky and hear the proper music in episode 4. Also a new secret map was added and a few other misc things. Check out the page for more info and a download.

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    Sweet! I've never played it before, so this should be quite good!

    Jum jummy! hehe

    EDIT: I wanna see some Compet-N demos! hehe

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    It's good to see the final version out, though this move to give it a zdoom bonus doesn't make sense, since it doesn't have any zdoom features other than being bunched in a single WAD. A doom version could have been easily possible by releasing episode 4 and e1m5 as e1 and e2m1 in a separate WAD. This just takes a notch away from the overall quality of the WAD. Also, It still has that crappy DEH that has ugly errors (I guess english isn't among Paul Corfiatis' specialties) along with a too short text in e4 that makes doom crash at the end (I don't think this was fixed.)

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    Now if only I hadn't already cleared 2002:ADO. Oh well.

    And Sgt. Crispy, nice sig...I think I'm one of about 5 people who actually liked blood 2. Caleb is just awesome.

    Response to Vile: Well yeah, admittedly blood 1 was alot better, but blood 2 was pretty fun. The voice acting did make me want to go out and hurt some people once in a while, but Calebs lines were great. Such as "it's howdy doody time kiddies, the bad man is here".

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    I enjoyed Blood 2 a little, but it doesn't compare to the original, IMO. Blood 1 had the best weapon lineup ever, everything was so much fun to use. It also refrained from extending the poor voice acting into full conversations like it did in b2. :)

    It had its moments though, such as the secret predator room or the ad for Cabalco life insurance "You're gonna die sometime; why not get paid for it?"

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