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    Impending JDoom


    Doomsday author Jaakko Keränen has updated the JDoom page with the announcement that he fully intendes to release v1.0 of JDoom this week, with the hope that he should have this new version done and out before the weekend. The new version will feature things such as full Final Doom support, improved netcode, more flashy stuff, a Doomsday Engine Definition system by which modifications can be made in text (which obsoletes ModelDef.txt and TexTypes.txt), and a new user interface for the engine. Interestingly enough, Jaakko claims that 1.0 will no longer have full backwards compatibility with the original Doom. We can only wonder what that means for the future of JDoom.

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    The MD2 package for JDoom is near-complete... it has the gibbed animations for the former humans, imps and the Nazis.

    ZDoomGL's package doesn't... what gives? I haven't tried the latest version of ZDGL but I vaguely remember the last time I tried using JDoom's MD2 pack on ZDGL, it didn't really work...

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    Guest UAC PR Dept.


    I think that has something to do with the .INI. The models should be just fine.

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    Not backward compatible with doom? then its not doom, its something else. I'll stick with Legacy, thanks.

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    I *think* he means that the demos aren't backwards compatible with the original doom. Demos made with Legacy aren't backwards compatible either.

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    I figured that he must have meant something else then the maps. It would be extremely stupid to make JDoom incompatible with the maps in Doom2.wad. So I guess the demos are going to be incompatible. But who knows? The JDoom site update was kinda vague about all this.

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