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    In The Mood For Doom


    Myk Helnyte set up a pretty simple information page about the launching of a new DOOM project called Certain DOOM, centered around a new MBF-compatible source port which is most likely to be called MOOD (Myk's Oldschool Opensource Doom). Nothing much is said about the new features to expect.

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    in respect to user demand, there might not be much of a point, as per a port to be used to base pwads on. but i'm doing this cause, before working on the ideas i have (that mave to do with things and linedefs, and some structural game functionality; as map sequence and so on) i want to be familiar with what i'll work with, 1st doom, then boom/mbf. furthermore, the port (in its early stages) has more to do with certain details that i feel are lacking in mbf based ports, which is simplicity, unification in the way it is used (not that i would urge people to see the way to play like me, sans in the action of making the port). the point, in the end, is not to add extrardinary features (even though i think some of my ideas are quite interesting, but have a lower profile than such things as fragglescript, a generic dialogue system, true 3d, slopes, etc). and my port is aimed at accompanying the maps i am making. i make the port for personal use, and for whoever ends up liking it. im not even attempting to make a very customizable engine, so, other ports with similar (or more in many respects) features might be more appealing for many designers; whereas my port's final function will lie mainly with the addon "certain doom" that im creating (the port and the maps develop simultaneously). also, the point here for me is to do this for the sake of doing it, not considering who will use it or not.

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    I thought you were dead or something! Where have you been? I last remember you on the OLD DoomWorld forums, back in the good old days when 3 posts a day was a lot....

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