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    Init_Refresh Daemon


    Uns aller Cyb has released a new ZDoom DM level inspired by UT. It takes place on a moving train (sort off).

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    As the thingy says, it's a good map. I played on it against the bots (which I can't seem to find how to use/make nodes for the map :| ) and, even though I was winning 2 to 1, it was still really cool and fun. :)

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    Guest balanco


    Not a bad level. I want to see more levels done this way (perhaps even a "real" train ala Duke Nukem 3d) Embarrasing note: first time playing, I moved at an angle and imemdiately fell between the cars. Af frist, I thought I fell throgh an overpass and got hit by a (non-existant) oncomming train 'below'. I didn't know I was actualy on the train at the time <:}

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    It's a great effect and the level demonstrates it greatly. I'm not sure if it's a requirement but by having the walls so close, the effect is kind of lost. However, the effect looks real when the transparent windows are in place. Maybe it was the sky being in view that ruined the effect (as I could not believe a train was running in a trench but I could believe it was in a tunnel).

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    Guest Anonymous User


    The sky didn't ruin the effect, but i think the walls should've been a different texture (one with alot of vertical colmns far enough appart to avoid the "stopping/reverse" effect. to make it more interesting. The brown clay texture is a bit boring.). Even better, how 'bou't going through a "valley" where tree sprites, and ebven polyobject "buildings" zip by (maybe randomised a bit to avoid an excessive repeating background. I'm sure a bit of creative ACS scripting would do the trick :) . I think this was a good level as it is, but these suggestions, I think would really enhance it.

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