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    It Snot Doom


    If Doom just isn't old enough for you, but Commander Keen is a bit too old, then check out Wolf3D in OpenGL since a new version was released today (three times, apparently). Fixes include a few minor changes from small bugs in the release last month, so grab that if you were having any problems with the previous versions. Insert something humorous here.

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    I love this Wolf port. My first reaction when hearing about it was "why?" but it works out quite nicely IMO. The front page on the site is misleading, implying the current verion is almost 2 months old, but from the text file "Version 0.68 (20/September/2002)"

    The only real downside to it is episode endings are not done yet, so you can get to the end of an episode, kill the big bad but the level cannot be finished - so no mission summary and score - yet.

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    It's nice having good controls and a higher resolution, but it always locks up when i try to exit a level. BJ keeps looking around, but it never loads...poor little BJ, all alone.

    I later found out from the forums at newwolfs website that if you turn off all sound before exiting, it won't freeze up. So now I'm all happy inside.

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    It's a nice bit of nostalgia, it looks much better obviously and works on XP which is a bonus. A Blake Stone port would be nice.

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