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    It's a Tournament of Doom


    More on multiplayer, apparently you can get Doom Tournament 2004 here which is a Legacy wadset with 30 maps and 6 game types including CTF, Domination and Assault. There's also a whole bunch of other crazy crap that reminds me a lot of the various UT games, so this will combine your love for both classic Doom and UT, should you share such a love between the two. If not then, uh, I don't know what to tell you.

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    Numero Uno!

    Anyway, this looks rather interesting. Of course, it's downgraded by the fact that ITS MADE FOR LEGACY. When will people learn

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    It's pretty good I think. I just downloaded and looked at every level, but I didn't encounter anything major bugs. Looks rather good.

    Ralphis - They used legacy for its fragglescript, wich is easy to make new game modes such as this. And im sure they wanted to be the first to have Legacy CTF. I can't wait to play this online, despite my laggy 56k... :P

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    At the risk of losing my UD membership:

    With pings under 70 Legacy is unbeatable. It's just like playing on a LAN, the players don't constantly disappear and re-appear, everything is as smooth as silk. It's the only way to fly. :-)

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