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    It's Glowing


    Afterglow's homepage has been updated with a big load of mostly unrelated things. He talks about Daikatana, nipples, Minesweeper, CTF maps, his Q2 texture WAD, Crusades, Mockery, Half-Life, etc etc.

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    What's the story with Mockery? It's been stuck for over a year then suddenly, after a very long pause, a "soon" screen is put up, and it's been like that for months.

    Is it going to happen?

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    Not bad, not bad.. I think I made beginner skill in 8 seconds once. That was a complete fluke, of course. I still haven't completed expert skill yet, though. I'd like to be able to do it in under 999 seconds. Yep. :-b

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    Anybody remember the cheat for minesweeper? It was one that would add a little black indicator box to the bottom of the window and if your cursor moves over a box with a mine the indicator box turns white. I forgot how to do that long ago...

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