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    It's Raining Strife


    OK I don't actually know what that means. Anyway, hot on the heels of the 2.0.9x ZDoom series which also supports Strife, I noticed a file in /idgames called SvStrife Final Beta 1 which, according to the text file, is a PrBoom mod meant to emulate Strife, the source code to which was never released. It goes on to say

    The whole purpose was to create Strife on this port so that maybe someday, the code can be ported to other ports like Legacy, Jdoom, and maybe Edge.

    So there you go.

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    The source code needs to be cleaned up before I release it. And its more likey it will be uploaded the next time I update the port.
    Also, an older version of the code is found at my site..or here

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    Nice Job. And for the record, SvStrife was released first (It's been on Kaiser's site for months, albeit an eariler version.)

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    I got this a few days ago and found it extremely annoying I couldn't bind move forward to my right mouse button. Also could you make it so you can increase mouse sensitivity by holding down the right key? I hate having to press it 300 times to get it to the end.

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    Ah, now that I have a comfortable layout, this is really proving to be quite fun. However, the mission objectives screen doesn't seem to work past the "get ring for beldin" message.

    Also, could you make it so the govenor doesn't do the whole "so you're the fool who stole the chalice" crap if you don't have the chalice in your inventory?

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    BBG:This is odd. Last time I ran Strife, all the mission objectives work. You're using the retail version of Strife right?

    SargeBaldy: Its possible to bind foward to your right mouse button..the bug is not displaying what you got binded in the menu. And I'll see about the sensitivity thing.

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