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    JDoom News


    JDoom author Jaakko Keränen has updated the JDoom site with the news of some modifiability features which will find their way into the next version of Doomsday, with a Heretic release also likely on the way. Item one is the ability to define new linedef and sector types in the JDoom-specific DED files, which can make some neat new effects ... however he claims it is not as powerful as a true scripting system. Item number two is the ability to play external music files such as MP3 and various tracker formats. Item number three is the ability to include DEH and BEX patches in DED files, which apparently provides enough support to play Aliens TC. In addition to these three major changes a number of bugfixes and other changes (including modifications to the dynamic lighting code) will also make it into the next release.

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    Arioch, did you HAVE to post news so that we couldn't get at those comments? :-/

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    I have a md2 model of the Xenomorph from Quake2, how would I get that running in Aliens TC on JDoom?

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