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    JHexen Network Test


    A network test has been released over at the JHexen site to see if the new client/server-like way of exchanging game data works. You'll need a 3+ player LAN for this.

    Originally, networking in the Doom engine is based on a peer-to-peer system, whereeach computer is practically a server of its own, and sends game data ("ticcmds") toeach of the other computers. What I've done is that now each client sends it ticcmdsonly to the server, which is then responsible for distributing the ticcmds of each client to all the other clients. It is my hope that this will help at least a little when playing Internet games.

    Instruction can be found at the JHexen site, as well as how to submit your feedback on what features. Please read this before you do anything. While you're there, check out fellow Telenation site Raven-Games for more Heretic/Hexen related goodiness!

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    So...when? JHexen looks really good...I might have to reinstall Hexen and patch it just to see what JHexen is really like. :) Sure does make ZDoomGL look weak.. =)

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    Guest theoddone33


    Once JHexen is all done, I believe Jaakko plans on doing both JDoom and JHeretic. theoddone33

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    Guest Elviele


    Hey Daggah Hexen is a more advanced games than doom with many places to add fog effects and many different objects and textures so hexen can easily look more attractive..But Maybe it can work the same way with ZdoomGl..but we will have to wait till kokak does some progress with his DoomGl project..The better Doomgl is the better Zdoomgl will be..

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    It's krappy. Why? Because it doesn't work! Quit makin it look better and just make it work! :P On another note, I like JHexen. A) Cauz it WORKS. and B) No MD2 krapp (yet :P). Face it, it's 2D, live with it, and if you want 3D, go play Hexen 2... which I also have. =)

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