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    JHexen v0.99.0 Released


    Jaakko Keränen released version 0.99.0 of his Win32 OpenGL Hexen port JHexen. Or rather, a new version of the Doomsday engine with JHexen running on it as a seperate DLL. There is a -huge- changelog available on the site, with highlights such as Direct3D support and enhanced network play. Make sure you read the installation notes! As usual you can get the binaries mirrored at our source port section.

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    Guest Anonymous User


    that is tight... wish someone from doom mod community could put stuff of this quality out! hell I hope this guy makes it work with doom when he's finished hexen :D

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    I sure agree! This is a really good-looking port. The actual engine itself is capable of supporting all Doom-based games. What needs to be done is writing a seperate DLL for Doom-specific stuff and you've got JDoom :)

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