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    JHexen v0.99.3 And JHeretic


    Jaakko Keränen released an updated version of his OpenGL JHexen port, mostly containing of bug fixes and some new cvar features. Plus, the Doomsday engine (the platform JHexen runs on) is updated to support Heretic as well... a JHeretic is now also available although no seperate website is available for it yet. We've got the goodies mirrored at our source port section as usual.

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    Guest Anonymous User


    I noticed a rather odd thing with the 3D sound implementation in this game. There are vast open areas and the reverb and echoes give the game a spacious feel but the music (rightly so) doesn't match the game sounds. Because the game was not designed with 3D sounds in mind there is an odd detached feel to the game. Jaakko has done an excellent job, the colors and visual effects are outstanding and with each release I replay the game from the start. (Yes I do have a life.) Needs some MD2 files to top off this game!!

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    Guest grenric


    Have already tried JHeretic and there are a few minor problems but it too is fantastic. Waiting for his Doomsday engine for Doom.

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    Guest DarkFang


    Man, JHexen is the best looking doom port I have *EVER* seen. Better than all the rest easilly! This is where doom needs to go if it we want to keep it alive. And if you combine JHexen with ZDoom...look out! We'll be in 1994 all over again with popularity!

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    ZDooM, JHexen/JHeretic and DooMGL should be combined to one port, let's say JZDooMGL :) This would really kick ass.

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