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    JHexen v0.99.5 Released


    Not only a new release of JHeretic tonight, but there's also a new release of the OpenGL Win32 port JHexen which brings it up to version 0.99.5. Among the new features are "a multiplayer menu for easier netgame config and startup (no need to use -net any more), and fixes to some bugs that could've crashed network games", as well as a launcher. Jaakko has also started work on JDoom... about 70% you can already see some results looking at our current POTD. As usual, we have mirrored the new released at our source port section.

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    Guest Cory


    Looks pretty sweet. Hopefully you won't need an expensive 3d card for those visuals. Mine sucks.

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    Guest Anonymous User


    Not only are there new versions of J-Hexen and J-Heretic, Jaako stated on his homepage that J-Doom is 70 percent done! Oh yeaahhh..

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    What about JZDooM? JHexen and JHeretic are soooo sweet! When I imagine ZDooM with Jaakkos OpenGL skills... hope it comes true :)

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    Guest Nookadum


    JHexen v0.99.5 runs excellently perfect. (perfectly excellent, whatever) I get around 139 FPS on my Pentium Dual-500 and Diamond Viper II video card with original updated drivers. Gotta love that FPS. 3D r0x0rz man. Keep it up! Make it perfect, and you might even land a job for id Software (hint, hint, hint)

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