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    jNew jDoom jFor jYou


    Over at Doomsday HQ you can grab the latest release of the popular GL port Doomsday (which includes jDoom). This is mostly a maintenance release, though to does include a few new additions to jDRP (requested by resident forum monkey and jDoom advocate, Dani). skyJake also promises he'll get to work on the OSX port, but no promises, so you Mac Doomers will have to wait a little longer.

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    SP! FEAR my monkeyness.

    The new additions are some inline ASM for GNUx86, a couple of bug fixes, some new options for model particles and tiled skins on models.

    jDRP 1.1 is STILL coming soon sadly, hopefully I'll get it finished sometime next month.

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    Well it's only a maintenance release so I doubt we'll see a swarm of activety, unlike Zdoom's new Strife support.

    BTW - This release does compile for OSX, currently with the help of Xcode. Very stable for a beta, I played for a few hours at work with very little problems (see the wiki for known issues).

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    yeah that was my 'i don't give a crap' attempt at a headline. at first it was just 'new jdoom for you' but I got bored so I kicked it up a notch!

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    Great. Have no idea what tiled skins are all about. Hope there's something on the site about that.

    JDOOM (and similar) is what DOOM is going to be all about. You can add all the tricks you want, but only with OGL (or D3D) do you visually stunning looks and effects.

    I ran stock DOOM the other day (for the midi test thing - wasn't that something) and man that's ugly (even though I went nuts over it in 1994). Making the pixelation smaller is like making pimples smaller - they are still there.

    OGL all the way baby!

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    Tiled skins enable all polygons of a model to be "filled" with tiled skins, like walls and floors. For example one could model a bit of world geometry like a bridge in the same scale as the world scale, then assign tiled skin in the same world scale. Via a DED you could then specify what texture to use on the model.

    The result would be a piece of 3D secenery that would seamlessly blend into the "real" geometry of the level, even using the same Doom textures.

    I don't need to explain the potential of whats possible with that, especially since they can be collision tested using a bounding box and spawned/destroyed at will.

    Agreed, OGL is where it's at for me too.

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