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    Joel Murdoch Needs Your Help


    Joel Murdoch sent word that he's trying to track down an MBF bug in which non-bullet-firing monsters can turn upon each other. He asks that if you've noticed strange behavior such as an imp turning on another imp in MBF or descendants such as PRBoom, Eternity and SMMU and have information which may be of help, to send him the info at his e-mail address here.

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    Guest Lament


    I remmber reading that all monsters with claw attack can fight each other....

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    Absolutely right. If you can persuade one to scratch another (requires good timing) you can get them to fight, and it can also be done another way, which basically involves getting them to blow up barrels, there's a quite famous demo of this in e1m8.

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    Guest Busted Corpse


    the only other way is to turn on monster infighting in dehacked, of course...

    Oh another thing... one nice effect I noticed when I was fiddling around with a dehacked file for a kinda Heaven vs Hell , Angels vs deamons type thing, is that if a flying monster close attacks one below it, they will both fly up into the air rapidly, clawing at each other :) looks soooo cool,
    especially if the sky is very high, and you get all of these bodies dropping downwards :)

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    Scratch and bite attacks are tracer-based just like bullets, so if during the time between when an imp or demon initiates its attack, the player moves back and the creature is put within melee range of another target, it can scratch or bite that target instead. All tracers in DOOM do non-discriminative damage, even to things of the same species. This is realistic when you think about it, since its physical damage, not magic, and if you scratched through the air and an imp jumped in front of you at the last second, you'd scratch it.


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    I discovered this bug in the first place, in a slightly-modified MBF. I think it's probably in MBF itself but doesn't manifest unless infighting is prohibited. It is NOT just a badly-aimed normal scratch attack as speculated in other posts.

    IIRC (been a while) what happened was if I could get say an imp to fight with a demon, then suddenly ALL the imps presently active would turn on one another FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON, and claw each other until they were ALL dead!!

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