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    John Carmack .plan Updated


    John Carmack update his .plan file a couple of days ago. Here is a snippet from his update which may be of interest to many Doomers:

    Do not buy a GeForce4-MX for Doom. Nvidia has really made a mess of the naming conventions here. I always thought it was bad enough that GF2 was just a speed bumped GF1, while GF3 had significant architectural improvements over GF2. I expected GF4 to be the speed bumped GF3, but calling the NV17 GF4-MX really sucks. GF4-MX will still run Doom properly, but it will be using the NV10 codepath with only two texture units and no vertex shaders. A GF3 or 8500 will be much better performers.
    He also talks a bit about some other issues with Doom 3 in conjunction with ATI's Radeon 8500 and the upcoming GeForce4 series of video cards. Quite an interesting read.

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    heh, reminds me of the topic of #nightmare

    "Do not buy a GeForce4-MX for Doom. Go for a bargain 1MB PCI card, that's enough."

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    Guest Battle_Zealot


    well, i´m hapy if i can get a GF 2 or 1, so i can play q3 wothout any lag.so i´m quite sceard when DooM3 it comming and i´m sitting here with a vodo 2 or GF2 mx PCI =)

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    I hope my system will be enough for this game ;)
    Still sitting sround with this old P3/800...

    Hmm... i think when DooM 3 comes out i can get a Geforce 3 for just 50 €
    Or get the computer that my dad uses now. ^_^

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    Guest Captain Craypo


    I don't even NEED graphics card. I am so handsome I can just stand in front of the mirror all day and get my graphical fix.

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    Guest (Unknown)


    If I recall correctly, didn't JC tell us in the beginning that we'd need a geforce to run doom 3? I think I'll just wait until the game actually comes out before throwing down my hard earned cash for a video card which *might* work with doom 3.

    In the meantime, I'll stay with my Geforce 2 MX-200. Why? It's the fastest MX-200 in the land!

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