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    Kali Supports ZDoom


    Version 2.00 of the multiplayer program Kali has been released. It already had support for (Ultimate) Doom and Doom II, but it now has also added support for ZDoom. Great news! Thanks Tyson Anderson for the info, and keep on Doomin' :)

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    Guest giltygear


    thats cool and all but why the hell can't they do something like that for heat.net?! All they got is the friggin shareware version of DooM95!

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    I'm surprised that this ever happened. I figured, how hard would it be to add ZDoom support to Kali? I just thought the guys were lazy, but now I'm happy. I've played a game of normal Doom over Kali, and I must say, it sucked bad. I'm hoping that the ZDoom play will be much better.

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    Guest Anonymous User


    why pay 20$ to play a game online . when you could go to zone,heat,or mplayer and play for free. zdoom works at zone, and you don't have to pay. all you do is go to zone ipx. and there you go. kail sux, i not pay 20$ dollars to play doom or any other game online.

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