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    Karthik Reanimated


    The team of brothers Karthik and Varun Abhiram are at it again, this time working on a dual-map Wad entitled Reanimated. No screenshots yet, but there's some, uh, preliminary artwork on display. And here's a link to Karthik's page too. Also worth mentioning is that Varun added to his site a new Doom wallpaper not too long ago.

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    That's one cool wallpaper right there, though all I can make out is the revenant.

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    Planky - Whoa... coincidence! I don't keep track of the NewDoom forums (or of the Doomworld forums except the news threads) so I didn't know of this. What's the filename for your map going to be? We (Varun & me) are calling the file reanmtd.wad. I guess there shouldn't be a problem on the /idgames archives if the WAD/ZIP filenames are different.

    Epyo - Varun's wallpaper has the Doom 3 Lost Soul and the Hell Knight as well :)

    SgtCrispy - Thanks :) You can expect two cool maps in this set!

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    I was going for the full name of Reanimated.wad - I didn't see it in the archives, but I might have missed it...

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    Planky - I searched on /idgames as well and there's no reanimated.zip, and no reanmtd.zip. So there's also no problem :)

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    So, the brothers Abhiram are at it again... this can only be interesting! We need more brotherly Doomin'!

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