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    Karthik returns to Doom mapping

    Chris Hansen

    The talented Karthik Abhiram has announced on his homepage that he has returned to Doom mapping after a slumber of 3 years with a new project named "Stygian_Nebula". There is not much to see yet, however he has posted a story about the level with a rather classic storyline. Quote begin:

    You would make your way into the teleport chamber, and then return to Origin base, where you could observe the destruction of the Stygian Nebula in safety. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned.

    Ahh, nice! What would a Doom level be without such an intense and cliché driven storyline! So hurry over there and check out the rest!

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    Whoa, hey, thanks Chris for this post!

    Thanks Glassyman & CodeImp (DB rules)! I'm not trying to make anything extraordinary, just an oldschool fun level (hence, the cliches)... I hope it'll meet expectations though.

    Now, if only I'd get some more time off from work... :(

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    Awesome. It was definitely seeming that way when you showed up for speedmapping.

    I like how you draw out maps before you start in the editor. I haven't done that since I first started mapping (1997 or so). Of course, those designs were very simplistic. Maybe someday I'll come across them, and can release reconstructed versions of 1994 quality maps.

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