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    The Asylem of Team Kill has been updated with the results of their poll which allowed the public to vote for which TC they'd like to see Team Kill do next after ROD. Unfortunately none of the votes mean anything as they have their own ideas :)

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    Umm...I suggest you read the Asylem FAQ file on my homepage. See, it's purposly spelled Asylem (and I know I spelled purposly wrong).

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    Guest Mattrim.


    So, people have to read the onsite FAQ to think of you as something other than illiterate? I stand corrected. Know that asylums are typically reserved for individuals with personal difficulties far greater than your "I thought it looked cool spelt this way, so I must belong in any asylum! Yeah!" attitude. Note also that the word asylum is synonymous with sanctuay. Oh, and it's "coming"...note the single 'm'.

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    Don't ask about my personal problems. That's why they're personal. And the thing about me being in an asylum is symbolic, kinda.

    Oh, and thanks for the "comming to coming" error. I am actualy kwite baad att speling.

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