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    Kill Stuff


    The Asylum has posted mug shots of two new enemies for their "Kill" project. Also, their Doom remake of ROTT won't happen after all.

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    gee what the fuck is new, people in the doom community start shit that they dont finish

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    Hey the reason I'm not doing RottDoom is because the utilities aren't there, and the Doom ones that are currently available won't enable me to do a good job on it. The WAD format of ROTT is the same as Doom, but the entries are all different (The S_START doesn't exsist, DOOMPAL cannot be found, ect.). Maybe if some decent utilities develop, I'll consider it. And remember, RottDoom was just an idea I was really looking forward to. After all, ROTT is, imo, better than Doom.

    If you still want to see ROTT in Doom, check out E2M9 of the next big Kill Demo release (not a maintenence release). The secret level will be E1M1 of Rott: DarkWar.

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    Geee, no remake of Rise Of The Triad? That was a great game! Great atmosphere. But no big deal. It's better that they work on a project they want to finish, rather than one that's just a chore. Projects shouldn't be chores. I'm sure there's a good reason for it.

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    Let me inform you on the status of Team Kill (meaning, Team Kill, Team ROD, and the site):
    1. I do most of the stuff, including the webpage.
    2. The others are artists, beta testers, and one level designer (for E4.)

    So far, I'm seem to be making most of the decisions as far as new stuff for the site (which, btw, I thank XBlade for the idea of the tables), and new stuff for Kill. ROD is going the same way, even though I've been telling people that anyone can send in suggestions or add-ons for it. Uhh, that's pretty much it for the Teams. So, actually, when one says "They", in a way, they should be saying "Ike".

    Sorry, I'm trying to get out of homework tonight.

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