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    Killers Will Have To Wait


    The good news is that it shouldn't take more than a week. Andrew Hunt let us know that Episode 2 of Kill is completly finished.

    It's now entering the beta-testing stage, and should be ready for downloading in about a week or so.

    More information are available at The Asylem of Team Kill.

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    As yes, the Kill project. I couldn't find information on what it is on the web site. I guess a megawad...

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    Yeah, it's a megawad. I'm re-doing the original 27 levels in Doom 1, old-school editing style. The story is like you're the Doom Guy's fiancee, and the UAC wants you to shut down the gates. Oh, and find out what happened to him. Last time I released it, I had people tell me it was addicting.

    Since I'm hosted at Doomcenter, I only put up a bare-bones temporary page at GeoCities 'till they get their server fixed.

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