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    Knee Deep In The Fun!


    Brad Spencer sent word that he\'s put together a nice little webpage with a list of levels that mimic Doom\'s Knee Deep in the Dead episode. There\'s quite a few to check out, and everyone loves the E1 style, right?

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    I think any pwad afficianado or E1 fan would be dissapointed with this list. It's a good first draft. However it has two major faults:

    1) It's missing a lot of E1 style pwads. Brad Spencer mostly hits on the well known pwads that I'm sure a majority of E1 fans are already aware of.
    2) It credits a lot of pwads with being E1 style when they are not. Since when was classic3 (or classic 1, 2, 4) E1 style? Some of these pwads might be doom style but NOT E1 style.


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    Check the page, Arioch. It's Spencer. This list is okay, but I think it need a bit of refining. There should be a lot more on it, as the fish says (fish can talk??) more less-heard-of wads would be good. But a good start. I think I would like this page if it had more of those on it.

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    Anthony: I understand that I am missing a lot of E1 style wads. In fact, it says that on the page. So how about you tell me of some more? And I didn't know that some of the classic wads weren't in e1 style (I have not played them all yet). Thanks for telling me though.
    Mike: same thing, if you know of some that I don't, help me out please.

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    The original version on the DW news page states that Brad Carney sent Linguica the list.

    I pointed that out, then Linguica fixed it and pretended nothing was wrong.


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