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    Korax Patch


    The Korax Heritage team sent us this announcement:

    The first patch for Korax Mod II has been released. Besides minor bugfixes and feature enhancements it includes full support for the Hexen mission pack, Deathkings of the Dark Citadel (including shops). Also, this time demos have been recorded, with a total play time of over 20 minutes, demonstrating many of the Korax Mod II-specific features.
    If you want to upgrade or if you still haven't played this RPG-oriented mod, just click here.

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    ...people making Hexen work in Legacy when this works better than Legacy ever did and even improves on the core Hexen gameplay!
    The mentality of some people is unbeleavable.

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    I just wanted to say this port is a great Hexen enhancement, adding new facets to the gameplay. If you're into Hexen at all, it's worth grabbing.

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    Guest Striker


    That internet Doom Connecter program is the basic core of it, somebody wanted ot play internet hexen and found no engines that support it so after a while of checking around and pestering the author of that matchmaker he found out that no decent network ports really supported hexen so he went off to incorporate hexen into his favorate Dmatch port Legacy so he could play hexen on the net.

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