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    Launch Off To Mars


    Wow, these look great. I espically like the anachron, the new set of legs add for a nice touch.

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    Guest Excalibur_Z


    The Mancubus has definitely lost a few pounds... good for him, shouldn't be hard to break a sweat where he lives, eh? =)

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    Guest Sethsez


    This is the first time I've seen this project. It look pretty cool, I have to say. The Mancubus does seem a little thinner, but that may be because it's hunched over (all the demons seem to be in this, for some reason...). The arachnotron is by far the best looking, although it's the enemy I hate the most in Doom II. The imp looks okay except for the mouth, and the revenant... well, the revenant looks like Beavis doing his Cornholio thing.

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    Two new launchers see the light of day this week, one by Peter "goEf" De Ridder entitled DoomX, which can be run from windows, supports Doom, Ultimate Doom, and Doom 2, and can be found De Zeurkous, only supports the original Doom so far, and runs from a DOS command prompt. The readme for the second launcher can be found here and the download here.

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