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    Legacy Multiplayer Connector


    Pascal vd Heiden wrote us to tell of the release of the Doom Legacy Connector, which can be found here. The Doom Legacy Connector "brings Doom Legacy players together to chat and play online using the well known Lobby/Room system."

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    unlike doomserv this thing isnt total shit

    so i expect it to be much more popular than doomserv provided the server stays up.

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    Sorry for the downtime last day, that was just 1 stupid line of code I forgot to code (probably some nightcoding, lol), its fixed now, I provided an update and it running fine now.

    PS: We dont want it to go down either. :)

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    could this actually be the end of doomserv or what? well my wish is no, but obviously we can see clearly what kinda situation is doomserv under

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    If you like doomserv, then go there. Its not my intention to end doomserv (at the time of developing this system I didnt even knew about doomserv, zdaemon and others yet)

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    It's amazing to see that when you stick legacy in front of something it seems to get little or no attention. It's really sad, considering all the neat features legacy has.

    For all the zDoom kids out there, if youre ego prevents you from using legacy, you can still use the connector to chat with fellow doomers ya know...

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    Guest Chik6000


    hey, first time here. tho i had to say this connector is very, very evil... my other computer is like almost totaly corrput when trying to install this. just hope no one in my family finds out its me...

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