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    Lemmings Deathmatch 0.9


    Ben Wagner sends word that he has released version 0.9 of his Lemmings Deathmatch pack, which is a part of his Lemmings Doom project. Ten maps for Lemmings Deathmatch are complete so far, and screenshots of some of them are available from the site.

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    Guest BazLorD


    I can't wait for the single player.
    But Could they pull it off?
    Even for an old game like lemmings,
    I'm pretty sure that it wouldn't be possible to do in the Doom engine. Let alone any source ports.........
    But I'd like to see how they do it.
    Good Luck.


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    Guest Evloret


    You know, I almost shat myself profusely when I saw those one-player screenshots. Lemmings. Doom. Two of my favorite games of all time rolled into one. All hail the LemDoom author, he's a genius.

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    I can almost see it now, using weapons to push lemmings into pits in order to walk over their heads to cross the chasm.. ooh the possibilities

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    Remisnent of the good ol game 3d lemmings... That was great fun.. Maybe it's possible to do in EDGE or Vavoom... Or maybe do it the way Jon suggestged.. That would own. :p

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