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    The Doomer's Recess has announced a new project in the works entitled "L.I.N.K." where everyone in the Doom community is encouraged to come and download little mini-WADs and add their contribution to them, which will then be uploaded and other people will be able to add on to that, etc. I remember a WAD with the same concept a few years back by Rick Clark, Adam Windsor, and some other guy. An interesting concept to say the least.

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    Guest Mattrim.


    Adam Windsor has nothing to do with Eventide.WAD. Rick Clark, Travers Dunne ("some other guy"), and Marty Ihlen are the authors of Eventide.WAD.

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    Guest The Mole


    I think this is a very interesting contest. If there are at least a couple of contestants we should see a very nice level with different styles in every area. I hope most of you guys will give it a try, i already have.

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