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    Lock And Load And Redesign


    Pilottobombadier let us know that he's got his new page up with a much more palatable design, and all of the stuff for Lock and Load is up over there, too. He's also got a need for beta testers, so if you're interested in beta-testing this EDGE-based weapons mod, drop him a line.

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    WOW A REAL LIVE UPDATER! I'm glad to see Linguica got a new news updater, especially one like Kat, who has an extensive, elequint (sp) vocabulary! Good job Kat!

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    Okay, this, obviously, is the screenshots page. And there is a viable reason as to why it is white, as opposed to the other pages, which are black. Simply, it's because some of the screen will have white in them, but the internet recognises that as a null colour...so, if there's no white background, some stuff in the screens looks a wee bit fucked. Anyway, I'll actually start using this page as soon as I get the weapons release finished, so for the moment, this page is in limbo.



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