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    Lost Mail


    It appears we didn't receive a mail from Metabolist about his 5th One-Week Map Contest. As announced on his site, he didn't get a single entry and decided to re-start the contest this week. We urge you all, mappers, to go and submit a level.

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    Hey after,

    I doubt it, I would have seen it in my own mail box... but I know Csabo also had problems reaching us via news@doomworld.com.

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    Guest (Unknown)


    No: It's simple what happens when you piss Wavelength off. I warned you.

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    I don't know about anyone else, but building levels is a hard task. I'm saying that it takes a while to build levels.. might want to extend the length of the contest to a month or so.

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    I can't just wup out a map in one week... there is just no time what so ever for me to sit down and have enough time in one week, especially with work in progress. Maybe a month or so I could make a good map and two months for an excellent map. heh.

    Anyone else here take there time? If anything, I'd rather see maps that had a lot of time put into them instead of some speedy shit that was wuped up in a few days.

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    If you put yourself to it, it can be done, fixed and detailes in such a time.

    And BTW, if someone doesn't garotte Wavelength, Wavelenght, or whatever the sodding hell he's calling himself these days, I swear I'll lose my marbles.

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