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    Out of pretty much nowhere we got an e-mail about an updated version of the super old Mac level editor Hellmaker:

    The awesomely wonderful Mac Doom editor Hellmaker hasn't been updated since 1997, and as a result it lacks support for the new flags used by sourceports. Through the wonders of ResEdit, I've updated the program to add support for all BOOM/Legacy linedef tags, thing types, and sector specials. The updated program is available here for the enjoyment of the one or two Mac Doomers still around.

    So yeah, if you use a Mac and have always wanted to edit for Boom (hello and welcome to 1998) then here is your chance. There's no webpage up, but you can download it here (751k).

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    I'm still working on Hellmaker Enhanced; there are a few things that I've added since uploading the current version. As soon as I can get a demo map done showing off some of the cool new stuff, I'll upload it.

    I'm hoping that this helps to de-wimpify my image at Doomworld...the last time I was active here was in 2002. I had a lot of really dumb ideas that never went anywhere, mainly because of my complete lack of talent and my attention span of a small rodent. All that is going to change. ;v¯v


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    i always though hellmaker was dead. now i have an excuse to finish those doom2 maps i have lying around.

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    CacoCaddy said:

    Wow, the worthless became even more worthless.

    If even one person uses the editor, then it's not worthless.

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    I'm trying to come up with a hack to work around the fact that Hellmaker doesn't allow the "#" character in the texture-name fields, so Legacy-style colormaps can't be done unless you copy and paste the linedef tags from another WAD. If there's anyone with some ResEdit talent who'd like to help out, please do!

    (I'm definitely barking up the wrong tree here asking for help with this; I know there aren't many Mac users at DW)

    EDIT: Hellmaker Enhanced r2 is here. Nothing major has changed, just a few little additions. Also, there's now a readme file for the Enhanced version in addition to the original. The download link in the first post will direct you to the updated version.

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    Holy crap dude thats brilliant. I e-mailed the guy a few years ago asking if he still had the source code so I could tinker with it and add some of these features but I recieved no response. Congrats on getting these features into the program using res-edit!

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    In somewhat unrelated news, Yadex is awesome. After some tinkering I figured out how to get it to run in Mac OS X, under X11. It's a Unix port of DEU, and it's awesome.

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    Someone needs to make an up-to-date editor for Linux. If I could make my maps for DTCA in Linux I would never need to boot into Windows again!

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