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    • Falconer\'s Rare Files for Doom added a map screenshot gallery for the wads featured on its site. From the email: \"As you know, it is easy to remember what a map looks like, but difficult to remember what WAD it belongs to, and its map number. Map screenshot galleries should ease this problem by using distinctive map scenes with wad and map numbers. This should be especially useful for Doom server admins.\"
    • Frederik\'s Doom Page has opened, featuring stuff about his textures, levels, MIDIs, and more.
    • Wim Vanrie\'s Doom Site has fixed some broken links, added some information about the reviews he got for his 3-level prerelease of PHouse:\"The House of Portals\" by Sir Robin and Team Insanity, and also put a direct link to the text file of the PWADs.
    • The home of Mr. Rocket has opened his homepage, featuring Doom WAD downloads, links, and liberal use of the <p> and <br> tags.

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