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    • Russell sent word about the release of his second BlastEm level. Can you kill\'em all?
    • Wim Vanrie updated his site with more demo goodness.
    • Albert Valls sent word that he has launched the CyberDreams homepage. Apart from being the site for this Run-Or-The-Cybie-Will-Get-You megawad, it also features info on Yonatan Donner\'s demos for CyberDreams and progress on the \'Insomnia\' project, which is described as \"a reduced and very difficult version of CyberDreams\".
    • Neonwolf has set up a hearme chat and voice program at his site. They are also looking for some additional help on their TC.
    • Seth Gordon has launched The Rhoq (and apparantly thinking it\'s already hosted here on Doomworld, heh). This site will be dedicated to SkullTag, and he hopes to get things up and running by tomorrow.

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    ...is grand. Right up there with the Ledges series for all-time best levels, IMO :-)

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    Everytime I hear "Neonwolf" I think about how I used to play around with the colour settings on my monitor and play wolfenstein.

    I'd turn the brightness all the way down, turn the contrast all the way up, and turned the entire spectrum green.

    It was back when I didn't have many games, and I wanted to make the same boring game a little more interesting, if not more fun.

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    Guest Russell P


    The comment in the mailbag makes it sound like I made the original version of Blastem. I didn't, was made by Russell J. Lauzon, who obviously has the same first name as me!

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