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    Steve Noonan updated his site with all sorts of stuff, including word of a new SP Doom add-on utilising the Gothic DM texture set. He could also use some feedback to his UltraFE front-end, supporting every known / future Doom add-on / TC / port. Go give it a looksie!

    The Deimos Incident project is apparantly still going strong. The site has a large update but unfortunately I can't reach its URL. However, you probably can so check this one out.

    The Last Day On Earth site has been updated with a progress chart. It looks like they're close to releasing the first episode of this project.

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    Guest Wyvern


    The site SHOULD be back up. Had a little issue with my NIC earlier but all should be fine. Try 'er again. :)

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    Just entirely out of curiousity, does anyone here even care about the progress of Last Day On Earth?
    Just wondering.

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    I do. Looking around the site, seems you could use help in the Level and Music departments. But especially that music - WTF???

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    Guest Daggah


    Try that when you're on freaking shared-access public computers...I can't save one text file on ALL of them for every flame I post here.

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    Guest Anonymous User


    If that's so, why don't you not post any flames? Then you don't have to worry about saving them.

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