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    Since it is a very slow news day, here are a few snippets we received by email.

    • What The Freak is the name of a newly started site which aims to be "kind of a mod factory". So far they've only posted outlines and not actual levels, but who knows.
    • A site with a little more content is UniDoom. It contains info on their team members and a download section for their Team Fortress level. I don't know if this is the same group, but an attempt to do a proper TF source mod fell through because of a lack of coders. Perhaps this post kindles a new interest?

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    Guest Confusion


    YES! I FINALLY completed that damn Scramble and Tag sliding thing. Damn I'm good.

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    ...although this is the only time you'll hear me admit it freely. ;) Check out the site often, because I'll be updating it after I get anything done. Oh yes, I just finished updating it about 10 min ago, and has some pics of the weapons (unskinned). I'll be going now to work on the skins. Hmmm... a plad double shotgun hasn't been done yet... ;)

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    It's true, I have no life. ;) After about 6 or so hours of work, making textures, and then skinning them onto the models, I have yet again updated with two more pics, but this time of the completed models! Bwa ha ha ha! Ahem... go now. :^)

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    yes that would be my site! I'm adding a cool joke section in case anyone had a sense of humor. Oh and i made a new link: <a href = "http://www.angelfire.com/pa3/unidoom2/projects.html">PROJECTS</a>There ya go

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