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    Come gather all Doomers in #mailbag, your friendly neighbourhood channel.

    • There are several new demo runs available at the Kill site, one of them for the Kill beta itself. People are also encouraged to submit their own demos. They are also looking for a coder to help out creating a custom mod for this Ultimate Doom project.
    • The new Flash 4.0 layout at the ReOL Tough site is now in working order, or so we've been told. Navigation problems ought to be solved with these fixes.
    • AndrewB.net has updated with six more Heretic MIDIs and MP3s. The tracks are from E1M4 through E1M9.

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    Thank you very much for the mention, Mordeth. I can understand. It must have been a very hectic last couple of days. :-b

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    Guest Confusion


    That music really is good. E1M9 is paticularly so, but of course it sounded good to start with. And Andrew, out of curiousity, who is your ISP?

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    Guest Anonymous User


    Whenever I go to andrewb.net is says under construction. What's with that? Is it really under construction?

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    Wow, thanks for the comments, guys! FYI, the server is down to be upgrading to Windows 2000. This will enable me to easier set up an e-mail address @andrewb.net. It will also make for functioning Frontpage extensions, and possibly a working DOOM server that doesn't make the computer lock up after several hours. My ISP? The server is simply a computer sitting at our office attached to a T1 line. My ISP though, is ExpressVu's high-speed satellite dish connection. It can get 300-400 Kbps during best conditions.

    Anyway, thanks for your patience. It should be again operating soon enough. I'll let you know when it's ready again. :-b

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    Whoops.. I was correct. It would be up soon. In fact, it's back up right now!! Go, go!! Enjoy!! ;)

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