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    A new Mailbag. One mention here and you'll get hosted by newdoom.com in no time!

    • A new 'Aliens Doom'? Perhaps. From the same guy who made that nice 'Aliens' sprite a while ago there's now word that he has started work on an Andrew Loly.
    • There are a few teaser shots of Torture available at the site. The shots are from an early version of the first map using the 'Biotex' texture set.
    • Remember STRAIN? Brine sent word that he'll be attempting to convert this pumped-up Doom2 TC to the Mac. The installed files are also available at the newsgroup alt.binaries.doom for those who would like to try this themselves.
    • Jean-Fran├žois Thibault has opened a site called Mega64, home of his ZDoom project 'ZDoom3000' which is described as "a space war mixed with Doom2". A beta of ZDoom3000 can already be downloaded. He's also planning on opening WAD/editing sections for Doom and Doom2 but those are not ready yet.
    • The [url=http://members.aol.com/georgef551/REoL_TOUGH.html"]REoL Tough site[/url] has started a new project called 'DeatH Fest 2000' and will be a "mega-WAD for plain DooM II, featuring as many levels that can be made as possible until the end of the year". More information can be found at the site itself.
    • Acidburn released the first beta map of his Annihilation project. A few screenshots are also available.

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    Guest Anonymous User


    very funneys

    jdoom == good. but, um newdoom.com doesnt actually offer, *anything*
    <font size=1>/me prepares his own new doom site...</font>

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    Guest Anonymous User


    i din't test yet, but jdoom seems to be awesome.. does it require a voodoo type video card?

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