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    Make 3D Floors With DoomCad, Hoorj!


    Doom_Dude sent me word that he h4x0red up a nifty way to make DoomCad 5.1 and 6.1 to make use of Legacy's 3D floors and water:

    After about an half hour of fiddling, I finally got it right and made the first 3d floor with doomcad. I don't know of anybody else whos done this before. Suffice to say I was very excited and pleased to have hacked / cracked / whatever you want to call it.... Doomcad for editing the Legacy stuff.

    So there you go. Get more info as well as a zip containing all you need to start editing Legacy with DoomCad at his page. I am self destructing the mulberries! It must be done!

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    All hail DoomCad!! The absolute strangest and 'Hey, I do what I feel like doing, a**hole!' kinda editor. It smacks you right in the face, but the damn addiction makes me smile kindly and forces me to crawl, spineless as I am, back for more with an apology ready at hand! Wanna marry me, DoomCad? Pleeease, I love you so much, I just wanna....BLAM!!.......

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    Yeah, and after having done that for about an hour, given that a sector is marked, you're rewarded with a mouse click in the menu on 'Delete sector' instead of 'Add sector'! Hurray!!

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    Yeah I agree, that is one stupid setup, having the 'add sector' and 'delete sector' ontop of one anouther in the menu. He must've been doing chemicals that day when he added that. I've rarely hit that 'delete sector' by accident though and I can't remember the last time..

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