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    MancuNET Primary Server Going Down

    Mancubus II

    MancuNET's primary server located at will be going down for a complete server rebuild (UPDATED)Tuesday, May 19th @ 5pm CDT. This will likely take at least four hours, if not longer. While backups are always advised, data should not be affected during this time. The hope is all user accounts will be preserved as well, so people should feel little difference once this is complete.

    This will primarily affect access to The Doom Wiki, Odamex, MancuNET /idgames mirror, and a few other locations. Sites such as DRD Team and The World Doom League will be unaffected.

    Check back here and in the comments for further updates.

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    Thanks for the notice and thank you for hosting MancuNET all these years. You're truly a staple for the community Manc!

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    Has this anything to do with the Geodo C&C node infection Quasar mentioned elsewhere? I'm hoping you manage to kill that stone dead.

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    Yes. And no, it has us beat. Nobody's been able to figure out how to get rid of it; the software on the server is too out-of-date (earlier attempts to upgrade the kernel resulted in a kernel panic on reboot, so they had to be aborted) and as a result it became vulnerable to these exploits.

    Manc has stated that the plan is now to migrate to an entirely new server rather than rebuild the presently existing one, as ServerBeach has declared it past EOL. We can't exactly predict the impact this will have on expected downtime and potential technical issues; it might actually make some things easier.

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    The new server will be provisioned as best as possible before the current server is brought down. Downtime will definitely be shorter, and much less stress will be had all around.

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