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    Marky Marc


    Um, bad pun I know. But I thought it kinda fit well. Marc has moved from his role as game developer to movie producer/director. Well, let's just say that from what Marc has said, this should be a truly interesting teaser. Why? Well...

    Currently (with blank frames taking up the missing gameplay frames), the lo-fi version is 3.1 megs, and the hi-fi version is almost 9 megs. But I guarentee it will be worth the download. :)

    I guess now you get the point. For the whole deal, check out the Asylum.

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    Guest Anonymous User


    I'm gonna do my "AndrewB" impression by asking assholishly, why is this here?

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    Guest Mad Cow Disease


    Actually, I think I would be one of the more promising assholes. Vote Quimby!

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