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    Masters of Their Doom


    For those interested, you can check out the second part of an excerpt from Masters of Doom by David Kushner, which is a new book written about Carmack and Romero and their rise to the top with the help of Doom. Sorry I missed the first part which was out yesterday, but you can still read it. You can also check out an interview with Kushner and a retrospective of id's previous games (from even before they were id). The third and final part of this series will appear at some point tomorrow.

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    Yeah, I'm looking forward to this... it seems that the book itself will be available in a week.

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    I was trying to make a post in there, but it truncates your posts to absolute death. The piece of garbage would only take the first paragraph and a half of a post that was significantly longer, and I ended up chopping it to just the first paragraph.

    the vote shows doom ahead of quake, somehow. All these people walked away from doom as though it had died, and stayed away, so its like what's the deal.


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    The third part of the story is pretty interesting, as it describes the birth of deathmatch. It was a very good read.

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